Scoring Criteria

Judges are asked to evaluate specific criteria in scoring a marketing case’s overall effectiveness, and provide four separate scores analyzing specific attributes of the work. The breakdown is as follows:

70% of the score, equally weighted for each section:

  1. Strategic Communications Challenge & Objectives
  2. Idea
  3. Bringing the Idea to Life(Includes the creative and media strategies and the work itself

30% of the score:

  1. Results

The judges’ scores determine which entries will be finalists and which finalists are awarded a gold, silver or bronze Effie trophy. The finalist level and each winning level gold, silver, bronze has a minimum score required in order to be eligible for finalist status or for an award. Effie Trophies are awarded at the discretion of the judges. All judging scores are carefully reviewed for evidence of biasness. It is possible that a category may produce one, two, three or four winners of any level or perhaps no winners at all. Judges read written case first and then immediately watch your video.

Recusal of Judges: A judge is not allowed to review and provide a score for any entries from their agency / company